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If you know a good site on any technical subject please email methe URL so that i can inclde that in this list

Cool Sites
Has a repertory of developer information

Code Guru
Source code for virtually everything

OMG Home
OMG Home page. Technical articles on CORBA

Rational Software
UML Information and goodies

Casper Lassenius
Corba Basics. Also has some good links from here

Dr GUI's home on the MSDN

MSJ Website
Homepage of microsoft system journal

Extreme XML
A good XML colum on MSDN online

Dr Dobb's
Website for Dr Dobb's Journal

Dr GUI's home on the MSDN

Java Programming With CORBA
Java Programming With CORBA by Andreas Vogel and Keith Duddy
Network Systems and Technologies
I worked here for a while

I was involved in Telemate.Net product development

Business Software
I worked for business software too..

COM-DCOM Web site
White paper on COM and other technical articles

Another XML site
XML Fine tuning ??

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Last Updated: December 11, 1998