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Emails & Random Thoughts

A shopping paragraph
what do you mean no fish ( meen )

but the "no meen no mean me" means a lot to me as meanings of morphological metemorphosis mutually understands the mutant meat loaft by absolute phychometic absolutism and totalitarianism of brutality which is vital for fish moiley and is an essential ingradient of not only life but also a good lunch.
if you can buy fish it is cool. or buy the fruits & stuff. we can buy fish on a rainy ray.


Lunch Mails
Any lunch ideas boss ? Oonu engane ?
oonu sambradaayathil thanne,kreeda breaddilo atho fruit cocktail'lilo ennu aanu dharmathil aasanga. atho choril moru ozhichu motor vachu pump cheyyano ?

>Do you wanna do lunch
lunch bench stench inch french avalanche ? yes i do.

>are you cool for lunch at 12:15
cool drinks