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  People who make up me
 are people who made me up
  - Jiddu Krishnamoorthy

  My Father

Greatest Influence in Life
One of the few people who influenced me. He introduced me to serious reading. He went to school at St.Joseph High School in Trivandrum, and did his Degree in University College TVM. He worked with Gulf Cobla in Dubai and the Sembawang Group in Singapore.He is retired now and leading a peaceful life back home in Trivandrum.


  My Mother

Like all mothers the best mother in the world
My mentor ! A hardcore kumaran asan addict, she taught me the tricks of how to write/enjoy poetry. Though she did her degree in Malayalam Language she is now Employed with KSRTC in Trivandum


  My Brother

I've 'celebrated more onam' than him; still he is elder
Introducing my younger brother ! Syju , Popular as Sajan. Well, he has many names : Sajan, Wincent Gomaz, Mr.Saayip etc etc. He is the chaanakyan of our family who takes all the political decisions. Syju did his MBA and is now employed in Trivandrum. He lives with his wife Thara and daughter Gowri


  My Grandfather

VR Damodharan Asan
My grand father was popular among the people of Thonnakkal as Asan. Do not confuse with Kumaran Asan. He was a sanscrit scholor and an strologer. He was so strong with his mathematical skills so much so that he could calculate the logarithm of any number in his mind. He died in 1988 at the age of 67

Kadayil achan
Kadayil Achan



[Kazhak 91]: sainik school 1991 batch
We have a mailing list for all the cadets of the 1991 batch of sainik school kazhakuttom. There are around 30 of us in the list now.


[Cybers]: cyber geeks of TKMCE 95 batch
cybers is a mailing list of all the geeks of the computer science and engineering dept of TKMCE 95 batch. the list is growing and has all but a couple of our classmates in it now

NeST Web  

NeST: Nestian & Ex-Nestian Forum
nest web is a virtual 'viLanilam' of all the nestains and ex-nestians. at this rate the group is at the verge of a population explosion. Pundits say the list will overtake china soon. Good place to keep in touch with NeST friends

Weekender's Forum  

Week end mailing list
group of around 90 people who receive a week end mail from me. the mail is very obtuse and mostly written in cocktail language. i am at the receiving end of some of the most horrundus abuses coz i maintain this list

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